Need Help with Tropo Sessions

I've made considerable progress on my Voicemail with Call Forwarding application, but at this point I need it to know the number of the incoming call and the number called, but I can't figure out how the Session object is supposed to work.

I tried the CALL-INFO.PHP script from the Tropo GitHub site and it doesn't run at all, even if I change the final "print" to a "renderJSON" call.

I don't think I will lose the Session information with Tropo making multiple calls to the same PHP script, but that is one of my concerns.

Also, considering I haven't received an answer to my follow-up posts on my previous questions, should I be opening tickets for these issues instead? I don't really want to do so, in case others need the same information, but it's disheartening that these threads all seem to die completely after Tropo's response to the original comment.

As before, thanks, and the current version of my code is here: https://github.com/imnlfn/tropo-forward-with-vm


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