Storing Files @ GoDaddy

So, I've been playing around with the Console / Scripting version of Tropo to understand better how things worked.  I was trying to push a file over to my shared hosting over at GoDaddy, and was having a heck of time.  I was definitely overthinking the issue.  

Here's the functional code:

// https://www.tropo.com/docs/scripting/quickstarts/recording-caller-input

var result = record("Please leave your message at the beep. Press pound when finished.", {
    beep: true,
    timeout: 10,
    silenceTimeout: 7,
    maxTime: 60,
    terminator: '#',
    recordFormat: "audio/mp3",
    recordURI: "ftp://AA.BB.CC.DD/tropo/filename.mp3",
    recordUser: "username",
    recordPassword: "password"
if (result.name == 'record') {
    log("result.recordURI = " + result.recordURI);
    say("Nicely done, Elmer Fudd!");   // cartoon characters for version control

Use FTP, not SFTP.    No port suffix on the address.  No conversion of password special characters to HTML. No concatenation of user name and / or password to the ftp address.  Keep it real simple.

I spent an embarrassing amount of time on this.  Info offered here, in case anybody else is in the same place (with GoDaddy instead of AWS for test server stuff...)

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