Mystery Recording Storage: Where Do It Go?

So I'm reviewing JavaScript Examples from Github: https://github.com/tropo/tropo-samples/blob/master/javascript/tutorial/19-recordaudio.js

And I see this code:

result=record( "Hello. Thanks for calling. Leave your message at the beep.",{ beep:true, timeout:10, silenceTimeout:7, maxTime:60 } );
if ( result.name=='record')
log( "result.recordURI = " + result.recordURI );
say( "you said " + result.recordURI );

Whoa? result.recordURI ? Where is that? Does that mean if we don't identify a server of our own, then Tropo stores stuff somewhere? Where do they store it, how big can it get, what does it cost? (or is this sample just outdated, and we should be using `var base_url = "http://YOUR.SERVER"` techniques, always?)

Thanks, LB

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