Need Help in making an outbound call

I am trying to evaluate Tropo functionality. I need to do following things

1. Call my cell number through Tropo by using WebAPI and record the conversation and post the mp3 file to my server and continue the conversation back and forth till I conclude the conversation.


This is what I have written on my local server 



Tropo tropo = new Tropo();

String token = "my token";

Map<String, String> params = new HashMap<String, String>();

params.put("message","This is an SMS message");

params.put("number", "photo number to be called");

TropoLaunchResult result = tropo.launchSession(token,params);



CallAction call = tropo.call(TO("phone number to be called"),ANSWER_ON_MEDIA(false), CHANNEL(Channel.VOICE), FROM("+from phone number"));


call.startRecording(URL("http://3a3c8e0f.ngrok.io/tropo-simple-ivr/incomingPayload"), METHOD("POST"), FORMAT(Format.MP3));


when I let this piece of code run on my server I did not receive any call on the number to be called. Let me know where I am doing wrong.


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