Phono.js and codecs in Firefox versions

I’ve been doing some tests with the phono.com Kitchen Sink app.  The Kitchen Sink application is working across all versions of Firefox, but I'm finding that between Firefox 29.0.1 and Firefox 30.0, there was a change in the codec used by phono.js (the codec is displayed in the Kitchen Sink application).  In Firefox 29.0.1, it’s the opus/48000 codec.  In Firefox 30.0 and forward, it’s the SPEEX/16000 codec.  The Kitchen Sink application acts differently (subtly) from version 29.0.1 and 30 and above.  

I also noticed that in Firefox 30.0, a Flash permissions window was displayed, asking for permission to access the microphone and video camera.  In Firefox 29.0.1, I was prompted by a native Firefox popover asking for permission to access my microphone (it even gave the proper microphone, a Blue Snowball).  Now for my questions:

  1. Our phono.js application works well with Firefox 29.0.1, but stops working with Firefox 30.0.  I'm now assuming this has something to do with the codec being used.  How do I control the codec usage from within my JavaScript application (which uses phono.js)?
  2. Is there other debugging information that will tell me which codec is being used?  
  3. Can a codec be "forced" to be used?  I'd like to always use Opus and avoid SPEEX.

We are also seeing issues with using phono.js with Google Chrome 37.0.  Things were working well in Chrome versions up to and including version 36.  In all cases, these browsers are running on OS X Mavericks (10.9.4).



-- chris bartling --


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