Are calls from Phono into Tropo apps charged at the inbound rate?

I would like to have an inbound phone call be placed into a conference, then send a signal to a Phono instance to dial my app. The app will then place the Phono instance's inbound call in the same conference connecting the two parties.

This way I can record the conference call between the inbound caller and the Phono instance. (I think you can record conference?), and I can conference in other parties on mute so that they may silently monitor the call.

The idea is to mimic call centre quality assurance services by allowing calls to be both recorded and live monitored for training and feedback.

After reviewing the forums, I found information that states the second leg of a call is not billed, my planned technique would essentially be 2 inbound calls. If this will cost 6c/min + 3c/min for each additional "monitor" session it will not be competitive enough in pricing to offer as a service, can you confirm my suspicion about the pricing, and or advise any other conceivable method of a third party silently monitoring a call between a customer and an agent?



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