How do I connect the phono script to my tropo account ?

I've just downloaded the phono plugin which somehow magically calls any free tool number. Now that I embedded the plugin into our CRM application I would like to use it to call real numbers and obviously record the calls. Is there any quick tutorial about how to do that ? I've read the tropo documentation which seems a bit confusing to me but I can't really understand how can I connect the phono plugin / app with the tropo account. Most of the docs about tropo are about how to set-up receiving calls ( e.g. add an IVR , transfer calls etc )

 The tropo integration is mentioned only once on http://www.phono.com/docs . _ Each Tropo application receives a unique identifier; Phono lets you connect directly with these applications by pre-pending it's Application ID with "app:".  _However as far as I understand that's how to call a tropo app with the phono plugin/app. Why on earth I would call my own application ?


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