phono client <-> tropo app - communication

Situation: I want to provide a list to my phono users of all the other 'active' phono clients (in my app id). This way they can press a button and be connected to someone else. My plan: - phono client 'dials' the tropo app id. Essentially saying 'hello' - tropo app receives this: (a) adds this client to list of active (b) replies with all other active phono clients to this client (c) sends message to other active phono clients about this new client Challenges: - tropo app 'Message' - what's the right To address to use to send to the phono client? The raw sip address from the To field? The header "x-sbc-from" (or other)? That minus the extra characters after the ';', strip ''? - Other tropo app parameters - channel - assume "TEXT"; network - ??? (I want to send direct to phono/SIP client, not through IM!)? other? - on phono client side - can I send a messaging.send to my tropo app? what address would I use? (I've tried a bunch...) I've tried many permutations but I can't get a message to successfully flow back from the tropo app to the phono client. The ringing starts when the 'dial' begins, and ends when tropo sends the response - but I never get my onMessage event! Help! Thanks!!!! p

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