Any Plans to Lower the Per Number Pricing?

I'd really love to see it drop it to Twillio's levels ($1 per month for U.S./Canada numbers). Having spent many, many hours comparing Tropo and Twillio, I'm prefering the Tropo-can-do-more-even-if-it-might-take-a-bit-longer-to-pick-up, especially since the APIs don't look all the much more (or even if) complex than Twillio's. The thing that's holding me back from Tropo is cost: the app I'm looking to build is a consumer-facing one where pricing is key. $36 dollars per year for just the cost of numbers is higher than what I am hoping to actually -charge-, whereas $12 works for my business model. Crossing my fingers here: I'm impressed with Tropo's technology stack, and I'm happy to see that Tropo's active in responding to people. I'm not sure if Twillio lowered their prices to match Tropo's or vice versa, but it would make a world of a difference for developers like me to develop all my apps and integrations on Tropo vs Twillio if some costs like this were just as competitive. Thank you!


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