IM notifications and presence

Hello, I tried to do some call notification with tropo, using this code: say "Notifying call." message "Hi, you have received a call.", {:to => "eduardo.fernandez@gmail.com", :newtork => 'JABBER'} say "Call notified" I setup a tropo.im address for the app, added this to my gtalk contacts, and see the edu1@tropo.im user connected and available. But I never get the notification, when I call. Is there something I have missed? Also, I for my startup I would like to setup a system that goes roughly like this: - Receive call - Filter according to date/time - Filter according to origin number - For a list of company members - if present and not busy in IM - redirect call to sip - if no answer try next number/member in list - If no answer record message Is this possible, more specifically: is it possible to detect presence or status (like Busy, Absent...) from the instant messaging account (gtalk network)? Thanks


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