voice sound quality

I have a button on a web page and using phono connect to my tropo app which simply says a greeting and then uses transfer to call a uk number. Everything works as advertised, however the sound quality from either side is not good (could not deploy this solution). The person listening on the phone call side hears mainly static, very difficult to make out the words the other side is saying. On the PC side the call is better but does suffer dropouts. I have tried with and without the java jar on the phono page. I have included the code below. Does anyone know if I am missing something that will improve call quality? web page code:

  Tropo application script: wait(100); say("Please wait while we direct your call", {voice:"kate"}); wait(100); transfer("+44xxxxxxx", { playvalue: "http://www.phono.com/audio/holdmusic.mp3", onTimeout: function(event) { say("Sorry, but nobody answered"); } });


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