C# SDK is out of date

I have a Tropo WebAPI application running on ASP.Net MVC.  I'm using a fork of the Tropo C# SDK (https://github.com/dfjacobs/tropo-webapi-csharp) that has support for ASP.Net MVC.  I've been updating this SDK for later versions of ASP.Net as our app has evolved over the years.  A few weeks ago, I've noticed that the official C# SDK (https://github.com/tropo/tropo-webapi-csharp) is way out of sync with the current Tropo WebAPI, in particular in the outbound call and transfer functions (no support for whisper transfers, no support for machine detection, etc.)  Are there plans to update the C# SDK?  I would rather pull official changes from the Tropo SDK instead of pushing possibly incompatible changes back to Tropo.  If you guys have no one actively maintaining the C# SDK, then I can work on getting you some pull requests to get the SDK back in sync with the WebAPI.

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