uploading text messages to Google Spreadsheets

sorry for the duplicate post, I forgot to attach files in the last one: 


I'm wondering if it's possible to capture session input and upload it to a Google Spreadsheet. I'd like for health and justice advocates in remote rural areas to be able to text field reports to a number and for this information to then be uploaded to a google spreadsheet. I tried the following below, but am pretty sure I'm missing some key pieces but not sure what to do. I've attached supporting documents this time. 


The last step in the session is posted to this resource when any of the resources do a hangup

post '/hangup.json' do

v = Tropo::Generator.parse request.env["rack.input"].read

G.event("VerifyFieldReport", "PostToGoogleSpreadsheet", v[:result][:session][:input].to_s) if defined?(G)

puts "Call information: #{v[:result][:session][:input]}"


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