uploading session[:input] to Google Spreadsheets



I am wondering if, with Tropo, I am able to save the content of text messages in a Google Spreadsheet. I would like health and justice advocates in remote rural areas to be able to text their findings to a number and for the contents of these messages to be saved in a Google spreadsheet. Is this possible? If so, how? 

Here is what I've tried (I've also attached supporting documents in my app as I have it so far):

The last step in the session is posted to this resource when any of the resources do a hangup

post '/hangup.json' do

v = Tropo::Generator.parse request.env["rack.input"].read

G.event("VerifyFieldReport", "PostToGoogleSpreadsheet", v[:result][:session][:input].to_s) if defined?(G)

puts "Call information: #{v[:result][:session][:input]}"


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