call() with pause causing sporadic numbers

I'm trying to use tropo to call an outside IVR, enter some DTMF tones, and record what is said after that.  When I include the DTMF in the call() method, sometimes it works great and sometimes it does each tone 9 or 10 times.  below is what my script looks like and also what is transcribed to me.


$phone_number = "+1_XXXXXXXXXX_;postd=5pp7pp4pp9pp3pp#pppppp1;pause=7s";



my transcriptions:


"Thank you for calling........... Press 1 to repeat this message."

  • This one worked


"777-744-4444 4,999,999,990,333,333,333. Please press 1 if this is correct or 2 to re-enter your pin."

  • This one didn't work.


This is what I got from the same script run minutes apart.  I've tried removing or adding p's in the number, changing to 7000ms instead of 7s and I've also tried to use say() with *.wav files for the tones.  I can hear the tones in the recording I get, but the IVR doesn't seem to recognize them.  Thanks for any advice on this.




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