Problem Outbound SMS

Hello. I'm using Tropo WebAPI. 

My script:


// Include the library


try {

// If there is not a session object in the POST body,

// then this isn't a new session. Tropo will throw

// an exception, so check for that.

$session = new Session();

} catch (TropoException $e) {

// This is a normal case, so we don't really need to

// do anything if we catch this.


$caller = $session->getFrom();

$called = $session->getTo();

require('../config.php');//db config

require('../datab.php');//connect to db

$dbh= mf_connect_db();//db var

$query="insert into pages_call(from_num,to_num,label,time,call_provider) values(?,?,?,NOW(),?)";//add to db

$params = array($caller['id'],$called['id'],'tropo',2);//add to db

$sth = mf_do_query($query,$params,$dbh);//add to db

$tropo = new Tropo();

$tropo->message('http://qregg.ru/?id=279', array('to'=>'+998941001702','network'=>'SMS'));//message



Generated JSON:



I attached my log file.

I'm using "Call app from browser", it's connecting but SMS not recieving to me. Can you help me? Please


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