Newbie need help to send SMS

Hi there,

I'm new to Tropo, my request is simple

1) I want to send SMS to our clients

2) client received SMS and send back response,

3) our application external URL service receive the response, valid it,  reject or process to complete the workflow

background info: we host our own server (backend SQL, spring +JBoss server, Apach HTTP server), so I thing WebAPI is more suitable to us, correct?

Questions: (we need to submit request to enable SMS, is that correct? base on  https://www.tropo.com/docs/scripting/quickstarts/sending-text-messages)

a) in the test app I setup by following your doc, why the initializer is thru phone call that phone number is not controlled by us? can we initialize by send HTTP request to TROPO with client's phone number with message? I don't see any simple example doing this.

b) how to valid the request or response JSON format, I only see the WebAPI reference doc here https://www.tropo.com/docs/webapi/reference?

c) If we host our TROPO service, is that mean we need to generate our JSON response/request JSON base on above reference. and how does it works, I mean the workflow I described above 1) 2) and 3), for example what is the JSON that TROPO send us, what is the JSON I need to send back and final what is the result JSON is look like an etc.

d) all the WebAPI support language doesn't come with pure Java, and the Javascript one seems my only approach, can I generate JSON response using Java Servlet response?

sorry the doc is kind a hard to following for what I'm trying to do.

Thanks in advance





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