same phone number for incoming and outgoing SMS APP


I have a question about the app for incoming/outgoing SMS i am building in C#.

Do i need to create two different Apps? 1 for incoming and the other for outgoing? i am assuming i need two because, i need to specify the URL that reads the data and processes  accordingly.

For incoming if some one sends a message for EX: join, i need to parse the data and put them in my database and do some work which might take 10 minutes. Another C# APP processes the data sends a message saying "Successfully created the Data" or "Please provide more Data.. etx.." in this case the number being used will be different from the incoming message.

How can i have one ph number that can be used for both the apps? while creating the Inbound SMS app, i didnot see a option to use the Ph number i created from the outbound app.




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