Trouble initiating outgoing call with WebAPI

I'm trying to execute an outbound call with the WebAPI, but it isn't working. I'm just trying to extend the quick start example to make sure that I understand all of the verbs. I created an action in a Rails controller named "start", with this body: def start @t = Tropo::Generator.new @t.call :to => 'wesgamble1', :from => "koached", :required => true, :channel => 'TEXT', :network => 'AIM', :name => 'year' @t.say :value => 'What is your birth year?' @t.on :event => 'continue', :next => '/index.json' render :nothing => true end When I call the "start" action, nothing happens. Do I need to provide one of the outbound tokens? Or do I not have permission to make outbound calls? Many thanks, Wes Gamble


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