Cannot get SMS message to send

Preface:  I've created a Tropo application (Script), uploaded and fixed a sample script from the tropo quickstart documentation, I've added a number to my application, I've downloaded the C# WebAPI solution, built it and can run the unit tests successfully.

I'm using the TropoOutboundSMS C# console app from the WebAPI solution to directly call my Tropo app using:


I tried http://...

Neither the sample console application nor direct call using IE results in a sent message.

When I call my Tropo app using the browser the response indicates success, provides my token and the session id as expected, but I do not get the text message.

The logs indicate that I'm missing some number which I presume to be a number associated with the application though I have provided that, which is something of a question itself.  Providing a number for an application means picking a country and a number from a couple lists.  For the number, I chose one of those from my state however there are code for that number does not match the area code I'm in.

My ultimate goal is to utilize the WebAPI to call my script based Tropo application to send text, but I can't seem to get any text messages.

Incidentally, I see none of my log statements from the script associated with my Tropo application showing up in the log.


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