Why Tropo doesn't transfer the call ?

I'm calling my tropo app using the phono plugin. I'm expecting the app to transfer the "call" to the phone number provided in the SIP headers. However for some reasons I can hear only the "greeting" message : Please wait until we transfer.... your call xxxxxx  and then it hung up without any tone. It there anything else that I should do except the "transfer" line in order to call regular phone numbers through Phono/Tropo ?



$number = $currentCall->getHeader("x-numbertodial");

say("Please wait while we transfer your call to $number");

transfer($number, array(

"playvalue" => "http://www.phono.com/audio/holdmusic.mp3",

"onTimeout" => "timeoutFCN",

"onCallFailure" => "callFailure",

"onBusy" => "callBusy",

"onConnect" => "callConnected",

"onError" => "callError",

"onSuccess" => "callSuccess"



function timeoutFCN($event) {

say("Sorry, but nobody answered.");


function callFailure($event) {

say("Sorry, the call failed.");


function callBusy($event) {

say("I'm busy, call me later!");


function callConnected($event) {

say("Connected !");


function callError($event) {

say("There was a system error.");


function callSuccess($event){

say("Call successfully transferred");




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