Scripted Calls in Production Mode Not Working

We have a development Tropo account that we have used to test a groovy voice script and we have interacted with it using a separate application.  The interaction has worked consistently for several months now.  However, because of end user requirements, we had to create a new Tropo account for the production system.  I set that account up exactly like our development account and uploaded the groovy voice script.  I have imported the new account token into our system and we changed the new account to the Production mode.  Unfortunately, our application is failing to connect to the new account using the new token.  I do not see any data in the new account's Tropo log folder.

So, I could use some help debugging:

  • When we switch to Production mode, does Tropo's server IP range change?  We have IP security rules in place to restrict access from our servers, so if these need to be updated, that might be the problem.

  • Where can I find a list of Tropo's current server IP ranges?

  • What happened to Tropo's Application Debugger?  I remember it being very helpful, but no longer see a link for it.

Thanks for any help you can provide.


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