SIP URI for hosts using SRV records or non-standard port

Does the php transfer function support connecting to SIP servers utilizing SRV record and/or non-standard port? I tried some tests using servers that use SRV entries such as 'sip:17771234567@in.callcentric.com' and 'sip:2231234567@sip2sip.info' and both fail, yet using 'sip:8355@proxy.ideasip.com' (which has A records and SRV entries) succeeds as does my dyndns.org PBX address (when listening on port 5060), which has no SRV record. Note, some numbers shown here have been changed to prevent my real URI's from showing. Also, by default, my PBX doesn't listen on the standard 5060 port and when I tried using 'sip:1234@MYPBX.dyndns.org:5123', it appears that the 5123 port is ignored and 5060 is used instead. I added a port forward rule on my firewall for 5060 and the connection works, but I really don't want to use the default port if possible. If these types of connections are supported and I'm missing some settings in my script or need a special format for the SIP URI, I'd appreciate learning more.


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