trouble in taking user input as voice.

Hi, I need some help in using voicephp. I am building an IVR system in which I am taking user input as voice. First I wanted to know that if ask user to spell out its name is it possible for me to catch what alphabet he has spoken out? If yes how is this to be done? can you give some examples and api regarding this. while($i==1) { $result4=ask("please spell character",array("choices"=>"a,ey,ay,eh,b,bee,be,c,see,se,d,dee,de,e,ee,eee,f,ef,af,g,jee,ji,h,eych,i,ahy,eye,j,jey,k,key,ke,l,el,m,em,am,n,en,an,o,oh,oo,p,pee,pe,pi ,q,kyoo,kyu,ku,r,ahr,ar,arr,s,es,ass,t,tee,te,u,yoo,yo,v,wee,ve,veewe,w,duhb,duhbyoo,duhbuu,duhbuh,x,ex,ax,eks,y,wahy,why,yee,z,zee,zerd,zeed,zed,hash,a sh,haesh,hesh,hsh,#","repeat"=>"3","choiceMode"=>"speech","beep"=>"true","timeout"=>"7.31")); if($result4->name=="choice") { $result5=$result4->value; if($result5=='a' or $result5=='ey' or $result5=='ay' or $result5=='eh') { $result5='a'; $firstname = $firstname.$result5; $firstname=trim($firstname); } else if($result5=='b' or $result5=='bee' or $result5=='be') { $result5='b'; $firstname = $firstname.$result5; $firstname=trim($firstname); } else { break; } } } regards -swapnil


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