Interesting idea (need help to know if its implementable)

We have the need for a telephony service within a desktop web-game product, The game is a full 3d game environment and requires the collaboration of all players playing, so every player in the game will be using their phone to communicate The game communication scenario is as followed: 1. Each player that joins the game calls the same number 2. In order to talk, a player need to press a button (in the game) 3. A player may choose to talk to all or a single player (The player choose all or a player through the game itself) 4. A player can hear only what s/he selected (again all or a single player) 5. An 'Admin' player, if he chooses to, will be heard by all players at all time I know these rules may create 'chaos', for now those are the rules of the game and they will be changed in the future For now I only need to know if I do that with Tropo? If I can't, what can be implemented? This will greatly enhance our game experience thanks in advanced


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