Recognition unusable probably due to bargein behavior

Hello, My sample script is unusable and keeps failing when working with slight background noise. I think this is because of a problem with the bargein behavior. When setting bargein to false, I would expect Tropo to ignore any speech input during propmt playback, and try to recognise only speech uttered after the prompt ends. However, when I set the bargin property of ask() to false, speak during the prompt and keep quiet until the prompt ends, I get recognition or mis-recognition right after the prompt ended, which is strange. This behavior is problematic, as my prompt is long and it would catch a lot of background noise during that period. Also, is there a way to set a minimum time window for a speech utterance to be recognised? For example, it is not reasonable to receive a recognition result 0.3 seconds after the end of a prompt. Please see attached a log from the Tropo application debugger, where the following is found "BARGE-IN-OCCURRED". I think this means that bargein happened during the prompt, even though I did not want it to happen. Please see my code snippet below. Regards, var result = ask("Hi, I'm QIQ James Baker virtual receptionist. James is unavailable at the moment, please allow me to assist. I can either inform James you called, or take a message. Please tell me which of the options you would like.", { choices: "choice_call_back(1, tell him I called, tell her I called), choice_take_message(2, take a message, please take a message)", timeout: 10.0, attempts: 3, bargein: false, onBadChoice: function(event) { say("I'm sorry, I didn't understand that. You can say , tell him I called, or , please take a message."); }, onChoice: function(event) { // say("You said " + event.choice.interpretation + ", which is a " + event.value); log ("You chose " + event.value); if (event.value == 'choice_call_back') { log('choice_call_back, calling httpGet() with serverURL='+serverURL); say('Thanks, I will inform James you called. Bye.'); wait(1); } } });


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