Return extension in simultaneous call

Hello I think there is a bug for scripting API. I use 'call' function to initiate a simultaneous call to the numbers with extension, and I want to get the called number with $currentCall->calledID in php. I think the extension number is not in $currentCall->calledID, only 11 digits phone number is set. For example, in the code: When this call is answered, the value of $currentCall->calledID is +14155551212 but not "+14155551212;postd=12" or something like that. It works great for the numbers without extension, but unfortunatelly we have customers with differenct extension for the same number. We need to distinguish which one answered the call. Can this be fixed in a short time? If not, is there a workaround we can get the extension number in another way in real time? Chao


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