Pass parameters from test to add to my outgoing message

I am fairly new to tropo so please excuse if this is a newb question.  I am building a system that will be triggered by a button, which I want to send a text with the GPS location, which I would like to be captured by and added to my Tropo script message for outgoing calls.


The purpose of this is so if my daughter who has a chronic illness is too sick use her phone to get help she can press the button and a list of family members phones will be called and deliver a formatted text to speech message.  I can program the button to send out a text message with the GPS location, but I am not sure how to capture the GPS location from the text to add it to my message so family will know where to go if she isn't at home.


Any ideas?  Or an ideas of maybe how to do this better?  Just keep in mind at the point my daughter would push the button that is ALL she will be able to do, so everything from there must happen with human intervention.

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