Tropo to update Google Forms (Sheets)

I just got this working, but stumbled across a few things that may help someone else trying to do the same thing--get user responses of a Tropo Script Application and store it into a Google Docs after the call is done.

Forms in Google Docs is able to provide a repository for my Tropo application to update after each JavaScript Scripting Application.  Google Docs (namely Forms) now wants a https / ssl connection which is not handled by the document "REST POST and GET in each Scripting language -- by JustinDupree".   From searching the web, PushingBox.com offers a service (limited to 1000 hits per day per account) can take a non ssl connection from a Tropo Script Application and post that information to a Google Docs Application that uses ssl / https.

Thus, I was able to create a PushingBox "Service/Scenario" for my Tropo Script to use with a http-GET or http-POST (note, PushingBox does not read the body, so dynamic data needs to be in the querystring / url).  PushingBox would take the data from the querystring and put it a Google Docs Application.

The main benefit is that I do not have to provide a dedicated server to use Tropo and the data is available in GoogleDocs which can be viewed and access by Forms or Sheets.




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