Answering Machine Detection during an audio file say

I eagerly anticipated answering machine detection to be introduced to the tropo system.... and when it finally was... I guess I did not get the memo! I just found it in the docs... not sure how long it has been available, but I'm excited about playing around with this feature.I built a version that was "hand-rolled" which started with essentially a blank say, and listed for the length of the response, as recommended in the forums.... but it just never worked that well.

My question is - can the answering machine detection work with a pre-recorded audio message (.wav file)? My system sends calls that start with a  personalized audio greeting, not a voice bot. Is it possible to detect answering machine behavior during a say() with an audio file playing?

I would like to be able to start the audio greeting immediately, then restart it if the system detects an answering machine, also, disabling the touch menu at end of message. Is this is possible, or, do you have to start the call with a bot speaking to take advantage of this feature? I'm afraid that starting the call in this manner will result in more hangups.

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