Can I send/receive text messages from anywhere in the world?

akalsey -

You are able to send text messages to any valid phone number anywhere in the world, except for some reserved codes (like 911 in the U.S.) and from a Tropo number to US and Canadian short codes (short codes only accept text messages from wireless carriers).

You need an SMS-enabled number attached to your application to do so.

For, we suggest using a Canadian number if texting outside the US. The US number provider has minimal global reach in comparison to the Canadian provider.

For, any SMS enabled number can reach any destination.

For the person sending SMS to your Tropo number, their carrier's regular rates and charges apply. If they send to a number outside their home country, they will be charged for sending an international text message, just as if they sent to an international mobile number.

If you are unable to send a text message to a valid destination, please let us know and we’ll work with the carrier to resolve the problem.

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