Supported Audio Playback Formats

akalsey -

The supported sound formats (and their proper file extensions) for the Tropo platform are as follows:

  • MP3 (*.mp3)
  • 8kHz, 8bit u-law (wav or raw) (*.wav or *.ulaw)
  • 8kHz, 8bit a-law (wav or raw) (*.wav or *.alaw)
  • 8kHz, 8bit pcm (wav) (*.wav)
  • 8khz, 16bit pcm (wav or raw) (*.wav or *.pcm)
  • MS-GSM (wav) (*.wav)
  • GSM 6.10 (raw) (*.gsm)

Using MP3 will result in Tropo automatically down-sampling the audio file to fit the 8-bit, 8 kHz audio of the telephony network. For many files, the downsampling may not result in the best audio quality, so it's always best to have your files in 8bit, 8Khz u-law format from the start.

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