HTTP server IP ranges for whitelisting

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Since Tropo is now a part of Cisco, and we have moved our shared staging and shared production to our new data centers, we have adopted a new policy of not providing a static list of IPs to white-list traffic for these environments. This is a common policy for cloud providers that Cisco, Google, Facebook and others use.

Having said this, while the IPs will always be subject to change, we have provided a DNS record with a TTL of 30 seconds that may be queried to obtain the current set of active IP addresses. With this, you may run a query like this:

nslookup -q=TXT

Which will return something like this:


Non-authoritative answer: text = "" text = "" text = "" text = "" text = "" text = "" text = "" text = "" text = "" text = "" text = "" text = ""

NOTE:: Whitelist information is not currently available for

You may then use this information to update your white-lists. But these are dynamic and subject to change as indicated before. You would need to have something like a cron job that would query this and update your white-list on a periodic basis (again the TTL is 30 seconds).

Here is a high level example of how this type of situation may be handled with AWS IP Addresses / Security Groups as they have a similar policy:

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